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On the 22nd March we observe World Water Day! Every year focusing on the importance of freshwater for our planet. Water is under threat from a number of challenges. Rapidly growing populations, changes in farming, food production and the related industries, not to mention the impacts of climate change. Research shows that around 2.2 billion people live without access to safe water.

One statistic shows that globally we are using six times as much water today than what was used 100 years ago. The things we do today contributes to that change. So we think it’s time to take action!

We’ve gathered our favourite tips for ensuring water sustainability:

1. Shop sustainably

Studies tell us that a healthy pescatarian or vegetarian diet could cut your foods water consumption by around 55%! 

Research ‘waterfootprint’ to see how the foods you’re eating might be impacting the worlds water.

2. Low-key laundry 

52 litres of water go into every laundry wash. Let’s make the most of it by ensuring you have filled the machine, and try wearing your trousers for another day! We won’t tell if you won’t.

3. Buy less, use more

Did you know that throwing away half an avocado and buying another wastes six bathtubs of water? It’s not always easy to find out how big a water footprint is built into the food we eat or the clothes we wear. 

But, by buying less, eating less water-intensive food and wasting less, we can play out part in reducing water shortages worldwide!

4. Feed plants, not sinks

Keep a jug next to the kitchen tap to collect any water that you run when waiting for the tap to heat up. You can use this to water your houseplants.

5. Get steaming!

Steam your food to cut water usage and retain more of the natural nutrients.
If you do boil, try using the leftover water as a tasty stock for soups. Or let it cool and use it to water plants.

For more ideas and information check out the blog over at Water Aid.