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Staying away from home on a limited budget? Do you have a student loan? Struggling to manage your living expenses? Financial Management is a nightmare for you?  How about earning a few extra bucks while studying? Part-time jobs and internships definitely will help you pay your bills and skills learned from it can benefit you later in your professional life.Good News for you students, who are in Dubai! Dubai had made it legal for youngsters to work part-time.

Being an international student once, from my experience I would highly recommend as it is very enriching experience before you can step into the real corporate world and get on with your first full time job. Working part time, you prepare yourself for the real working world as opposed to classroom lessons giving yourself an upper hand compared to your freshly graduated peers. The part-time jobs and internships help in moulding your overall personality and benefits one with a number of things.

Adaptability and Flexibility: Work experience provides the students an important opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Students who work along with studies are more self-disciplined and self-confident. They learn to adapt to various situations and become more flexible in their approach. The rigours and responsibilities of the workplace build maturity.

Financial Independence: Students working part-time give them the independence to spend the money as they wish to without be relying and burdening their parents for little things. At the same time, they learn to handle finances and spending wisely, they also learn the responsibility that comes with having an income.

Networking: Part time jobs and internships provide students with great opportunity to start networking and building a rapport with co-workers, managers and employers. Often the candidates work ethic and willingness to learn and grow lands them into a permanent position.  It’s a potential leg up in an organisation you’d like to work for.

Skills Development: Working part-time gives you an opportunity to expand your knowledge base and learn new skills along with boosting confidence in your abilities. It opens your horizons and often might help you in deciding what would you like to pursue your career path after graduating. The number of skills that you can acquire while working part-time are time management, finance management, communication and interpersonal skills, life skills, self-motivation, working under pressure, problem-solving, decision making.

Early Work Experience: The understanding of management practices and the way organizations work allows you to gain important introductory experience in the business. Employers look for employees who understand the work environment and at least somewhat accustomed to the professional world, which makes them easy to train technically in the respective technical skills.

Interested in a part time work? There are number of websites, to name a few check out, Linkedin Jobs, and apply today! We at Uninest try to make your experience of staying with us the balance of homely comfort, social and personal development. To explore internships opportunities with Uninest contact our residential staff.