Short Stay Terms and Conditions

Are you are UAE school graduate or a UAE resident intern tired of travelling to and from your home, every day covering long hours or looking for a safe, secure and highly economical space only for the working days? Well, look no further! Uninest is offering the very first of its kind offer for all students & interns of UAE who have been looking for a very short customised option which provides the comfort of studying/working during the week while enjoying with the international community during working days and time to spend the weekend with your family. Best of both worlds!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. You would be offered some great experience in our Twin sharing rooms within the residence. 
  2. Proof of residence of the parents in the UAE has to be provided along with a valid visa under parents’ sponsorship. 
  3. The minimum stay is for 4 bed nights, between Sunday to Wednesday (both nights inclusive), Thursday is your family reunion time!
  4. Wish to stay for additional nights over the weekend? Sure you can and here you have an option to choose between (Thursday, Friday, or Saturday) at the weekend rate. 
  5. You will have full access to all our facilities and events during your stay. You will be delighted to meet students from all over the world in our residence. 
  6. No additional cost would be charged for using our extensive transport. Hop on our pre-scheduled bus routes to all universities and key areas in Dubai. Our evening social mall trips are also available for you every day. 
  7. A bedding pack would be provided in your room or you can bring your own. 
  8. All payments for the week have to be paid in advance and rent is subject to VAT. Sorry, no credit!
  9. Wish to join us for another week? We would love to have you here! If you book for the next week in advance well, our storage would be open for you so you can keep your luggage in the store at a nominal cost along with your same room for the next week. Sounds great, doesn’t it? 
  10. Check-in time: 6am, check-out time: 6pm. Failure to check out by 6pm would be subject to the weekend charges. 
  11. Did you know you have no deposit required for your stay? If you damage anything or breach the residence regulations, you would have to pay at the time of check out. 
  12. If you wish to book for a long term with us, all you have to do is speak to our team for the best rates for long term stay.