Uninest Student Residences Dubai

Our Story

Dubailand opened its doors to our first set of students in 2015 and ever since then, we have aimed to provide the best living experience for students in Dubai. From the facilities offered to the student events program, we ensure life at Uninest Student Residences is the best it can be.

We are plain-speaking, upfront and proactive, with a student council elected by the student body to ensure we stick to our 5 promises. We aim to provide exceptional levels of customer service to our residents and valued partners making sure we are clear and upfront in our communications and costs, we listen to our residents, their families and our educational partners.

Uninest Student Residences is part of the Global Student Accommodation family, alongside their European and Asian brands The Student Housing Company and Nexo Residencias offering accommodation in Australia, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Spain and the United Kingdom.


About Us

We want to change the way accommodation is provided for students, raising people’s expectations about service, quality and communication. Our prime locations, all-inclusive rents, shuttle bus service, exceptional customer service and great community spaces set us apart from other student accommodation providers. Parents and students can expect complete peace of mind with this unique approach to student accommodation.     

We strive to make you feel safe, comfortable and looked after. People are at the core of our business and a huge amount of effort goes into wellbeing, ensuring you feel at home and comfortable speaking with staff. 

We want you to find renting a room with us incredibly easy, so we try to make everything we do as clear and upfront as possible. From our plain-speaking name to the refreshingly simple job titles on our team’s badges, we want students who rent from us to understand what they’re getting and who they’re talking to at all times. 



Our 5 Promises

We make 5 promises to our customers that we think reflect the quality of our accommodation and the values of our business.

Work for Us

We need friendly, proactive and outgoing staff to deliver industry-leading levels of customer interaction. Having students as our customers means we work for some of the most interesting, vibrant and friendly people in the world.