Dubai's Academic Calendar: Student Cheat Sheet

Are you so busy at university that you forget to take note of important dates? Don’t worry, because we’ve covered everything you need to know in our academic calendar for Dubai students.

September – December

During the first three months of university, you can expect to dive straight into your work and your new life as a student in Dubai.

At the start of September, you’ll be getting everything arranged as you register, get your lecture timetable, and get used to your accommodation. By mid-September, you’ll be in full swing, because you’ll be attending your complete lecture schedule. But it’s not all work in September:

Hijri New Year is a time for celebration throughout the city. No alcohol is served at this time, but most universities will close for a long weekend – so you can relax and take time out from your lectures.

When? 2017: 21st-22nd September 2018: 11th-12th September

After New Year’s Day, midterm exams begin from the start of October, so it’s important to carry on revising throughout September and October. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of opportunities to sample the cultural and religious holidays of this amazing country. Towards the end of November, universities take a break from lectures again for Martyr’s Day and the Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday.

When? Martyr’s Day falls on the 30th November every year

Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday will fall on 1st December in 2017, and on the 20th November in 2018.

And at the start of December, final exams for the term begin, but by mid-to-late-December, you’ll be taking your Winter Break all the way through to the start of January!

January – March

At the start of January, you will return to university after your holidays, but there’s still time to relax because your exams won’t begin again until the end of February. Your lectures will return to normal in March after your exam season, but you won’t have long to wait until Spring Break at the end of March.

Outside of university, this is a lively time in the UAE! In February, you can treat yourself at the Dubai Food Festival, and the Emirates Festival of Literature usually runs in March. So if you’re a foodie, or you’re more of a bookworm, Dubai is the place to be in spring.

April – June

You’ll come back from Spring Break in April, but don’t don’t take your foot off the gas just yet – you still have exams to prepare for in May! By mid-May, Ramadan usually comes around, which is followed by midterm exams in June.

The fast of Ramadan is usually broken in June, and wonderful celebrations begin across the city to welcome in Eid al-Fitr. From restaurants and shops to theme parks and cultural hotspots, there are plenty of special offers and parties taking place in Dubai.

July and August

If you’re an international student in Dubai, it might seem a little unusual, but universities here continue with their exam schedules throughout the summer. In both July and August, you can expect to take your final exams – and you will receive your long-awaited results ahead of the new academic year!

Work Hard, Play Hard

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