UAE Culture Guide: What to Expect When Living in Dubai

Dubai is a city that’s determined to retain heritage while racing at breakneck speed to embrace the modern era. It’s true, Dubai encompasses all the good, the great, and the brilliant life opportunities for foreign students like you, but the emirate is also full of Arab customs that are very different from those in the west. To prepare you for a comfortable and cringe-free life in Dubai, here are five things you should expect when studying here.

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A Guide to the Best Universities in Dubai

dubai university guide

With the endless sunshine, and the average temperatures rarely dropping below 19°C in the coldest months, it’s easy to see why Dubai is an enticing offer for both international and domestic students. Dubai’s academic offering is geared towards business, science, and technology, so if you’re looking to study one of those fields, you’re in the right place. It also helps that there are over 65 colleges and universities to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find somewhere that is to your liking.

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